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Press release only.

PR guidelines:

A press release is not a personal introduction or a blog style article.

A press release is not a blog style article.

A press release is not an pure opinion article or pure review article.

What is a qualified article

1. The title and 1st paragraph should be company related or event related.

2. With Media contact (company, contact, e-mail, telephone, website, address).

3. With dateline info (city name, country)

4. Use simple sentences with plain text; avoid using emotional expression.

5. Write with 3rd-party tone; Do NOT use 'we' 'you' 'our' 'your' 'my' 'I'.

6. Do NOT use ! or ? in the title.

7. E-mail, social links, telephone number should be real, editors may check that.

8. Also, it is better to add the 'About the company' part in the last paragraph.

It should be company related and event related.

Please check the title and the 1st paragraph, make it event related as follows:

Some company releases something ...

Some company launches something ...

Some company announces something ...

Some company expands its business in ...

Or something like the above.


Good Title Example


Juggernaut (JGN) Announces IEO on Celebrates Its Most Successful Year Yet: 3x Growth in 6 Months

World's Renown Law Firm Kim & Chang Became GG56 Ltd.'s Legal Partner